Japonesque Safari Chic
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If you’ve never heard of Japonesque, they are an amazing cosmetic line well-known for their line of makeup brushes and grooming tools such as lash curlers, tweezers, eyebrow and lash essentials.

I was contacted by them a couple months ago about reviewing their Safari Chic collection and being that I’d never tried them of course I was all for it. It was my first time trying their products and the collection is super small.




Peep me using the brushes in this makeup video

The only piece from the collection I didn’t receive was the kabuki brush. But the powder brushes were super soft, and the short brush handles makes it ideal for traveling. I’ve been meaning to seperate my personal/travel brushes from the brushes I use in my makeup kit (yes I use brushes in my makeup kit, that’s because I sanitize them regularly!) so this will make for the perfect addition to that.


Thank you Japonesque for sending me the brushes! If you’d like to see these bad boys in action, check out my feature in this makeup tutorial.


Although I can’t speak for the line in its entirety, I like what I see so far. Very much so. Well played Japonesque!


Where are my Japonesque fans? Do you own anything from the Safari Chic collection (or anythign from their line for that matter). And do you have any staple must-haves?

Until next time!

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