Magnolia Makeup review, swatches and tutorials
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Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Decided I’ll be spending my Sunday working since I’m not much of a sports fan, let alone the super bowl. What better way to be spending my Sunday afternoon than doing this Magnolia Makeup review.

As soon as I got this stuff in the mail I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it, mainly because I not only heard tons of amazing things about Magnolia Makeup but also because I love supporting small independent makeup lines.

I was sent some of the pigments, lip products, and highlighters to try and they definitely live up to their hype!


Lip Fix

Magnolia Makeup Pose lip fix

Pose Lip Fix – a deep violet. The lip fixes are creamy but are also moderately opaque. So for those of you that may be afraid of bolder colors that might be a great in-between transition option as they can be sheered down.

I took some photos in different lighting so you can see what it looks like.

Magnolia  Makeup Pose Lip fix

Magnolia Makeup Pose Lip fix

Magnolia Makeup Pose Lip fix


Magnolia Makeup Bare Lip FixBare Lip Fix – A nude pink. Yall KNOW how I feel about nude pinks. And this one has lately been my new “everyday nude pink”. You can never have too many nude pinks. Magnolia Makeup, thanks for feeding into my addiction.

Magnolia Makeup Bare Lip fix

Magnolia Makeup Bare Lip fix

Magnolia Makeup Bare Lip fix

Magnolia Makeup Lip Fix | The Verdict: I think I’d much rather have something that doesn’t require me to use my fingers (IE just using a lipstick) but I will still rock the HELL out of this. And that doesn’t mean they still won’t work well in my professional kit by using a makeup brush. Which is what I do on clients anyway. It’s just that my personal makeup routine and that of which I do on my clients are a bit different.



Magnolia Makeup Emerald PigmentEmerald Pigment – Rich, jewel-toned green. What more is there to REALLY say?! If mermaid was a color I’m pretty sure this would be it. It’s teal which is one of my favorite colors, it’s shimmery and it’s PIGMENTED. I may not show it much lately but another obsession of mine are royal blues and teal colors so again for me this is like giving Vodka to an alcoholic.


Magnolia Makeup Cathedral PigmentCathedral Pigment – black with gold sparkle. It may look a bit silver in the photo but it’s definitely gold!


Magnolia Makeup Gilded PigmentGilded Pigment – Brassy metallic gold. Talk about a rich, 24 carat pure gold. Wowsers, jaw dropping for sure and just as beautiful in person than it is in photos.


Magnolia Makeup Raw Diamond PigmentRaw Diamond –  dark taupe with silver sparkle. Probably one of the most unique pigments I’ve ever had. Raw diamond makes a beautiful addition to virtually any makeup look. Want to add a bit more dimension and jazz to your super dark smokey eye? Add a bit of Raw Diamond on the center of your eyelid. Want to take your work makeup look and bump it up a bit? Layer this over mauve or muted pink shadows. It works amazingly well as a little pick me up over almost anything!

Magnolia Makeup Pigments | The Verdict: Highly pigmented, but lots of fallout. But that’s what’s to be expecting with loose shimmery products. Another product that does not disappoint at all.


Illuminating Powders

magnolia makeup soul gloIlluminating Powders - A multi-use product. Highly metallic bronze illuminating powder.
Look absolutely amazing on dark skin, I use the Soul Glo. I feel Glo would be a bit too light for me, but I did use Glo on my client Cara Quici this year at the Grammys and everyone kept talking about her fabulous her makeup was that evening. (I applied these with a light hand on her, but in the photo of me you can see what they really look like when layered on a bit more.


Cara Quici

Cara Quici

Cara Quici Grammys

Magnolia Makeup Soul Glo

^^This is from my glowy, dewey Valentine’s Day Makeup tutorial.


Magnolia Makeup Illuminating Powders | The Verdict: If you don’t purchase anything from Magnolia Makeup purchase these bad boys right here. Seriously. You need these like, yesterday. They are epic. These illuminating powders are the sun, the moon and the stars. You think I’m exaggerating!? Please think otherwise! And I think it’s great they have different options for various complexions. The ones I featured in this review are only two out of the five shades they carry. Trying the illuminating powders definitely made me team Magnolia Makeup for sure.


Magnolia Makeup get’s the Jackie O seal of approval if you can’t already tell! Amazing line of products and they’re reasonably affordable. Hope you all enjoy them as much as I did and keep a lookout for more tutorials featuring their stuff! See more photos of their products by following them on the Magnolia Makeup Instagram.


Special thank you to Magnolia Makeup for sending me the products for consideration! Hope you all are enjoying the game today and those of you who are being rebellious like me, enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Nigerian bridal makeup tutorial
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Traditional American bridal makeup is beautiful, but there is nothing like a bold, beautiful, multicultural bride. I’ve done a traditional bridal tutorial, pinup bridal, even a smokey bridal. Sooner or later I was going to have to do a Nigerian bridal makeup tutorial! And voila, here it is! The only thing missing is a gele *sigh* (that’s a Nigerian head wrap for those of you that don’t know, and they are FABULOUS)


Nigerian Bridal Makeup Tutorial

Nigerian Bride

Nigerian Bridal Makeup


Here’s what you’ll need to get the look (and be sure to stop by my Markkit page for this tutorial so you can shop while I teach!)

Face Atelier Pro Ultra Foundation | #12
Youngblood Hi-Def Mineral Perfecting Powder | Warmth
Dinair Airbrush Corrective Concealer
Maybelline FitMe Concealer | #30
Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder
Beauty Blender Sponge
MAC Brown Crayon | Spiked
MAC Paintpot | Groundwork
NYX Jumbo Pencil | Black Bean
Aboni Cosmetics Pigment | Relaxing
Magnolia Makeup Pigment | Raw Diamond
Magnolia Makeup Pigment | Catherdral
MAC Eye Kohl | Feline
Bobbi Brown Longwearing Creme Shadow Stick | Violet Plum
MAC Pigment | Grape
Inglot Gel Liner | #77 Blush
Benefit They’re Real Mascara
MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural | Dark Deep
MAC Contour Powder | Shadowy
NARS Blush | Dolce Vita
Magnolia Makeup SoulGlo
MAC Lip Pencil | Magenta
Magnolia Makeup Lip Fix | Pose

A very warm thank you to some of the brands sponsored some products that I got to use for this video :)


Thank you you everyone for watching, have a fabulous week and super weekend, even though I could care less about sports! :-P

5 Minutes with Yolonda Frederick – The Makeup Artist Behind Hollywood’s Biggest Stars
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This is my first interview for the blog, yay! I want to be able to continue to familiarize my readers with all of the amazingly abundant talent out there and the people that motivate and inspire me.


Some of you may recall when I did a look recreating one of Mathu Andersen‘s makeup looks a few months ago, and after that blog post a lot of my readers who had never heard of Andersen thanked me for shedding light on the other talented amazing artist.


So I decided that I’d like to do that more often here on the blog except take it a step further by reaching out to them and asking them fun, non-traditional questions so that we can get to know them in ways that other media outlets may not show! 


So who will be our first guest? Introducing Yolonda Frederick! Many of you probably already KNOW who she is, and for those of you who don’t I won’t say too much about who she is, I’ll let her tell you herself!

Yolonda Frederick


1. Roll call! Tell us who you are, what you do and one thing that makes you fabulous.
I’m Yolonda Frederick-Thompson! I’m a celebrity makeup artist who got her big break with the Grammy award-winning TLC! What makes me fabulous is being able to juggle my crazy schedule while being a devoted mother and wife! I wear many hats…well lol! Or least I’d like to think so!
2. Please share who your most notable clients are so the world can know how dope you are!
 Wow I’ve worked with celebs like TLC, Usher,(grooming), Ciara, Jennifer Hudson, Blake Lively, Melissa Etheridge, Gabourey Sidbe, Ludacris (grooming), Outkast (grooming), etc…
3. What was your strangest or funniest experience on set or on a makeup job? You can keep the people involved anonymous if need be!
I guess the strangest thing that’s happened to me would be the time me and another really dope and well-know make-up artist, showed up for the same job with a MAJOR celebrity! The client actually flew me out to LA for the job so I’m not sure how the lines got crossed!  It was a very uncomfortable situation because The other makeup artist was someone who I have always admired their body of work!!! Needless to say I stayed on set and he left… Because at the time I was definitely trying to make my mark so I knew I just couldn’t walk away from the opportunity!
4. You’re on the job and you run out of your signature go-to lipstick, what do you do?
Lol! That’s easy just mix other lipsticks together to make my own version of it!
5. If not makeup, what would your alternative career choice have been?
I could totally see myself being a painter or some sort of visual artist! I’m extremely into creating things! I also love interior design so that could also be an interesting career choice.
6. Where is the most interesting/lavish place your career has taken you as a makeup artist?
Kazakhstan, it was exquisite! Everything was tops! The hotel, the food, the service! Not to mention the client provided each if us with an open tab!  We dined at this exclusive restaurant surrounded by mountains then ended our evening with a late night horseback ride! It was awesome…
7. Your best skincare tip?
Never sleep in makeup!!! Use what works for you but hydrate your skin and drink lots of water! This will keep your skin looking fresh!
8. You’re stranded on a desert island and you can only bring 5 items from your kit, what do you bring?
Phyto-black Lift eye and lip cream, Evian spray mist, Mango Lip Butter, SkinCeuticals Ultimate UV defense SPF 30 (recommended to me by Dr Marc Yune, Aesthetic Specialty Center, Atlanta, GA and I live by his advice!), Haute and Naughty Mascara by MAC.
9. Where do you see the Yolonda Frederick beauty empire going in the next five years?
I am currently working on a really awesome makeup kit… It’s revolutionary and I can definitely see it growing into a major movement for girls of all ages to enjoy! I’m super excited and can’t wait to launch it! This will give me a great sense of accomplishment.
10. How can we keep up to date with what’s happening with Yolonda these days? 
I try to document my journey through social media.  Outside of my website: iamyolondafrederick.com,  I’m currently on instagram, twitter and facebook! I’m also “playing around” with my blogsite! I use the words “playing around” because I’ve yet to totally commit to blogging regularly.  Hey, I’m working on being more on point with social media across the board. This can be a great marketing tool as well as a means to stay in touch with what’s hot!  One day I will be more proactive but for now I will keep making strides towards excellence.
sidenote: in terms of excellence we think she seems to be doing just fine these days!
Some of Yolonda’s signature looks
Ciara Grammys 2014
Ciara AMAs
Jennifer Hudson Essence Magazine
Jennifer Hudson
I could  not be more honored and flattered that Yolonda took the time out of her busy schedule to be featured on the blog and answer the questions I wrote for her. Thank you so much Yolonda! Stay Fabulous and we look forward to seeing more from your career endeavors in the future!
Stay plugged into the blog and find out who we will feature next!

Poetic Justice Jeans Lookbook 2
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The first Poetic Justice Jeans lookbook I did was so well received by you all that they wanted to partner with me again. This time to feature some of their jackets on the site!

By the way, for those of you that don’t already know, shopping for jackets out of season saves you so much money. Just saying.

Speaking of saving money, our friends at Poetic Justice are giving us a 30% off discount code! Just use code  MAKEUPGAME30 at checkout and you’ll be automatically entered to win a $200 Poetic Justice shopping spree!

So let’s roll right onto look one

poetic justice jeans


poetic justice jeans

poetic justice jeans


This look is the most wearable to me because it’s the most neutral, it’s also super comfortable and actually warm, it doesn’t at all feel cheap or like lightweight denim. The quality is nice and I love the detachable hoodie.

Denim Jacket With Detachable Fleece Hood | Poetic Justice Jeans


look 2 

poetic justice jeans

poetic justice jeans

poetic justice jeans

Say hello to your inner Rihanna with the black bleached vest. I also love that I already had a pair of Poetic Justice jeans to match. This is giving me all KINDS of rockstar sexy that I need right now!

Black Denim Bleached Vest | Poetic Justice Jeans
Annie Skinny Metallic Black Shiney Jeans | Poetic Justice Jeans

look 3

poetic justice jeans

poetic justice jeans

poetic justice jeans

poetic justice jeans

This is the lightweight jacket that you can either wear when there’s an easy breeze out and it’s not cold enough for a cold yet, or tie it around your waist when you want to look like a bada$$! This is the style that grew on me, and the more and more I wore it (especially around my hips and waist.

Black Leather Jacket with Faux Sleeves | Poetic Justice Jeans
Rhonda Skinny Jeans Poetic Justice Jeans


look four

poetic justice jeans

poetic justice jeans

poetic justice jeans

poetic justice jeans

poetic justice jeansThe jacket that I didn’t realize I’d end up wearing the most, but I totally have. And who doesn’t love camo?! This jacket is super comfortable and the easiest and simplest way to jazz up an otherwise plain or simple outfit. This jacket also comes with a detachable hoodie.

Camo Utility Jacket | Poetic Justice Jeans


And that’s it!

Special shoutout to Poetic Justice Jeans for collaborating with me again, I love supporting good quality brands that genuinely care about the feedback of their customers. Once again Poetic Justice Jeans have been Jackie O approved.


I hope you all enjoyed the lookbook, which one was your favorite? Tell me down below :)

And don’t forget to use coupon code MAKEUPGAME30 to receive 30% off your purchase and enter to win a $200 shopping spree with Poetic Justice.


Stay fabulous everyone. xx






Nigeria Welcomes LilPumpkinPie05 for Social Media Week Lagos 2014
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I’m going to Nigeria! *does happy dance*, in less than one month!

I was recently contacted about being a panelist for the Beauty UnMasked panel during Social Media Week Lagos in February. I think it’s awesome that we’re highlighting the impact of social media on our culture and society in Africa, mainly in Nigeria because if many if you don’t already know my father is from Nigeria and I haven’t been since my childhood years. This literally is a dream come true for me! The event is free ladies and I hope to see you there so hurry up and register on the website!

beauty unmasked

an excerpt taken from the Beauty UnMasked page

“The goal of this discussion is to empower Nigerian women by discussing how we can connect our current and future beauty ideals to our heritage as African women. We will also highlight current misconceptions around “beauty” in Nigeria and the Diaspora. Lastly, we will explore how we as content curators can determine trends on social media while incorporating tradition and culture.

At the end of the event, an audience member will be chosen to share their beauty story. Their story will also be on the Social Media Week Lagos blog and they will receive N10,000 worth of beauty products from My Makeup & Cosmetics.”


WHAT. Did they say FREE MAKEUP?! Girl now you HAVE to go!


I knew my job would eventually bring me to some pretty awesome places but this moment is full circle for me because I feel like I will be coming HOME finally. I am very excited to meet and connect with many of you ladies and if you’re in Nigeria I hope to see you not only at the panel BUT also I will be having a makeup workshop while I am there!


beauty unmasked tour


This makes me seriously giddy with excitement as for the first time in a long time I get to combine my two passions: makeup and traveling. I knew great things were to come but I had no idea how rapidly and I truly look forward to meeting you ladies and I hope you register for this class ladies!


I will be having two makeup lessons in one day, both sessions will cover the same topic, choose which session best fits your needs. Some things I will be covering during the workshop:

A full face makeup routine (I haven’t decided if I want to do glam, a daytime look or a nighttime look, I suppose I will choose the one based on which one my audience favors)
Shade matching foundation
Eyebrow shaping
Applying false lashes
Applying eyeshadow
Contouring and highlighting like a pro
Choosing lip colors to match your eyes

I will also be giving tips and discussing how to maximize your social media and internet presence.

Just know that there will be a lot of love, passion and most of all education poured into this makeup workshop so I truly hope you ladies can register and make it! A huge special thank you to My Makeup & Company for inviting me to the Beauty Unmasked Panel as well as sponsoring the workshop, hopefully this is only the beginning of future opportunities to do makeup in Nigeria. Be sure to follow MyMakeupNG on Twitter for more updates about the makeup workshop.

I am possibly thinking of doing a meetup while I am there, it seems only right. What do you guys think? Please let me know and leave recommendations for a meetup place in the comments section down below, I’d love to hear some input since I’m not really familiar with Nigeria just yet.

Did I mention how excited I am to meet you all?! Get ready ladies February is going to be one hell of a month for us!!

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