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The best beauty products of 2013 for me all varied from lip care, to haircare, fashion and of course makeup.

Best Beauty Products 2013


This list is in no particular order BUT I did save the very best for last!

BH Cosmetics

BH Cosmetics
How many tutorials have I done in 2013 talking about, discussing, and/or demonstrating something from BH Cosmetics? Let me count the ways.

There was the Take Me To Brazil tutorial I did…

And then there was the ever so sparkly and sultry Galaxy Palette Tutorial

And how can we forget about the Kelly Rowland tutorial I recreated that you guys loved last summer

I think you get the picture  ;-)

BH Cosmetics might not be considered a high-end brand but considering the price and the variety they have you definitely get your money’s worth!


Evolution of Smooth

EOS Lip Balm
For those of you that have desert dry lips like me, this is the only thing I’ve been using the treat my lips all year. It actually makes my lips feel soft, as oppose to the other lip balms I’ve tried that just coat the lips. I HATE when people are like “you should try (insert random name of over-hyped product) you would love it!” NO. I don’t want to try your favorite lip balm! I don’t understand whyyy my lips are so picky. But once I find something I like, I stick with it. I’ve already tried other folks’ favorites and failed. I hope to God this lip balm doesn’t mysteriously get discontinued for whatever reason! And they smell yummy and are so cute aren’t they?


Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Bobbi Brown
For all of the obvious reasons when you see how amazing these products are!

Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown

Everything from their concealers, skincare line, foundations, their eyeshadows and mascaras are to die for. I have yet to try something that I don’t like from Bobbi Brown!


Youngblood Cosmetics

Youngblood Cosmetics
Much like the way I feel about Bobbi Brown can sum up how I feel about Youngblood Cosmetics, but for slightly different reasons. This is another one of those AMAZING all across the brand cosmetic lines that I have been digging all year. I literally wish I owned every product from their line in my kit. The only thing I would suggest is their shade range for women of color. I believe my shade is the darkest they carry. Everything I have tried from them so far has been amazing! And it helps that it’s a mineral line of makeup (for those of you with concerns of product ingredients and things of that nature).


Lisa Rachel Hair

Lisa Rachel Hair
This is THE best kept secret I’ve discovered all year, seriously! Except the funny thing is, the first time I tried Lisa Rachel was actually when I lived in Kuwait. A girlfriend of mine gave me a bottle to try, and I guess I didn’t use it properly but I wasn’t all that impressed. Fast forward to early last year when I tried the Wen Haircare system, I absolutely LOVED it. Until another friend of mine told me about this line Lisa Rachel Hair available at stores like Ross (in their haircare isle). I bought the product again to try and I had that ah-hah moment, I had already used this back in the day! Needless to say I gave it another shot, read the instructions this time, and was flabbergasted at how it works just as good as Wen but is only a fraction of the price. Lisa Rachel at my local Ross is $6.99. A month supply of Wen hair care is $40. SAY WHAT! The ingredients are the exact same! Compared them, tried and tested. Lisa Rachel hair makes the cut as my favorite go-to haircare product this year and I will continue to be a faithful user. My hair is a lot easier to detangle after using Lisa Rachel and a lot shinier! Just a pre-caution- you MUST read the directions in order to get the best results out of this product (as well as Wen)!!


Lisa Rachel Hair



Jonathan Beauty Water
Jonathan Beauty Water | Water Purification System
What does this have to do with beauty products?! I will tell you! Do you have dry skin? Do you live in an area where the water is packed with mineral and hard water substances like we do in Los Angeles? Are you sick and tired of your hair being dry and unmanageable? Then baby, you need a water purification system! Hard water is water that is high in minerals like Calcium and Magnesium. Chemicals like Chlorine in our water are obviously are there to keep the water free of bacteria, however, when they begin to build up on or body and hair can be NO good. Soft water is the exact opposite: it is water that is free of these said minerals and is AMAZING for your body and hair. If you’ve ever taken a bath or shower in soft water you can FEEL the difference. It literally feels like there is still soap on your body it’s so soft. Water softening systems can cost anywhere from $2,000-$3,000 if you get them installed in your home. I live in an apartment and that wasn’t an option for me so I found the next best thing – a water purification system that attaches to the shower head. While the Jonathan Beauty Water system is not a replacement option for a water softener it definitely comes pretty close! I’ve managed to find it on Amazon for $49, all the other websites the price is double for some reason. My dry skin and dry hair woes are over. I saw immediate results upon purchasing and I truly look forward to being a long time user of this product! My hair thanks you Jonathan Beauty Water!


Dassit guys! I hope you enjoyed this mashup of my best beauty products of 2013! Of course there were tons of products I adored last year but if I had to pick my all-time favorites, these take the cake.


What were your favorite beauty products of 2013? Sharing is caring!

My Top Beauty and Style Influencers 2013
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My top Beauty Influencers 2013.

2013 brought a lot of ooh’s, a lot of aaah’s, wig snatching, style and inspiration. This list is inspired the top beauty and style blogs that I constantly found myself going back to for inspiration and creativity this past year.

top beauty blogs 2013

I do have to admit I am not really easily impressed, I picked these women because for me I found that I could relate to their overall style the most and if I had to choose any of them to go shopping with they would definitely be the first one’s I’d call! I’ve also placed them in the order I feel I can relate to the most in terms of my own personal style be it a blogger or a celebrity. Enjoy!


Ascia AKF

#9 | Hybrid Head Piece
When I found Kuwaiti fashion blogger Ascia AKF of Hybrid Head Piece I was lowkey upset I didn’t find her sooner. I am partial to this one because many of you know, I spent most of my 2011-2012 living in Kuwait for just over a year. I was extremely inspired by the fashion, beauty, and culture there. Americans think all the women in the middle east are covered in head to toe for no reason. Some of them are. That is definitely not the case with many others, including Ascia! She adds a sickening twist to rocking a turban, and her eclectic style will make you want to rock a few on your own. She’s takes fashion chances and to me epitomizes the makings of a style icon. Ascia and her husband Ahmad run the duo fashion blog and recently announced they were expecting their first bundle of joy. Baby belly in tow and all and this lady’s style hasn’t changed a bit. She STILL owns it. Stay classy Ascia, the Americans are watching and taking notes baby girl! I am so extremely grateful for the time I spent getting to know your country and the beautiful inhabitants.


wendy's lookbook

#8 | Wendy’s Lookbook
Wendy never disappoints me, ever. Her style is very classic and simple. Wendy will take a very basic piece and jazz it up with accessories and heels. Her color palette seems consisted of more neutrals which is far from my loud and vivid wardrobe but I love the way she puts things together and she inspires the way I  put some of my outfit choices together. I also truly appreciate the way her style is also reflective of her traveling lifestyle, you all know I am a travel freak! Give me a Canon, a beautiful gown and a Santorini beach in the background and I go nuts. I’ve never met Wendy but she seems very kind and humble amidst all of what she’s accomplished. When Wendy’s not traveling the world and collaborating with Tacori you can catch her on her blog Wendy’s Lookbook.


the daileigh

#7 | The Daileigh
I discovered Ashleigh Hutchinson of The Daileigh sometime earlier this year via Black Girls Killing It and have absolutely fallen in love with her style. I love that she’s not afraid to rock the hell out of crop tops, her clothing choices always fit her like a glove and she always looks classy all while maintaining a sexy and feminine look too. When Ashleigh isn’t killing the Instagram game with her fashion looks she works as a stylist, personal shopper and fashion consultant.


Camila Coelho

#6 | SuperVaidosa
This fashion, beauty, and internet sensation is arguably the biggest fashion and beauty blogger in Brazil right now. Her hometown is the US, the east coast to be exact. Her MakeupByCamila YouTube channel began massively growing in the past 3 years and now hails over 1 million subscribers, her fashion/beauty blog isn’t doing too shabby either. I don’t know any non-celebrity person who has over 1 million Instagram followers, but this girl right here is killing the game on all levels! Camila’s makeup choices are also a reflection of her style: colorful and refined. When Camila isn’t trotting the globe getting featured in publications like Glamour Brazil you can catch her making her YouTube videos in Portuguese, and on her fashion/beauty blog SuperVaidosa. Camila also has a second English channel, MakeupbyCamila2 dedicated for her English-speaking following.


Be Loud Be You #5 | Be Loud Be You
Began obsessing over Krystin of Be Loud Be You sometime last year when I saw a picture of her beautiful blonde hair. It was actually her photo I took to the salon when I decided to finally bleach my own locks. Krystin has a seriously amazing sense of style that I haven’t seen in a long time. Her fashion choices are usually simple, basic, neutral and have somewhat of an edgy feel. We have different body times, I could never pull off some of the things she rocks, but I’m always inspired by the way she gives a vintagy, cadillac records feel to her wardrobe. This woman comes from another time period I swear and is always decked out from head to toe like a lady! Be sure to check out her blog and more of her fashion blurbs on her instagram.


carli bybel

#4 | The Fashion Bybel
I have to be 100% honest. When I first discovered Carli Bybel of The Fashion Bybel via her instagram and discovered she had a YouTube channel I thought she was going to be sticky sweet and high-pitched. Please don’t kill me!! But let me tell you, this girl right here is FAR from that. She’s absolutely gorgeous, well-spoken, humble, dresses her a$$ off and truly has honed in on her personal style and beauty. I love the vast array of things she can pull off, and she isn’t afraid to go bold either. This New Jersey native has a huge YouTube following on her channel Carlibel55, and her fashion blog The Fashion Bybel is one of the biggest blogs here in the US. Carli recently had the honor of being featured as a guest on an episode of Project Runway amongst some of the other biggest fashion and beauty vloggers. I absolutely love seeing other young, beautiful, and down to earth female go-getters. #teamcarli !



Kelly Rowland


#3 | Kelly Rowland
As promised I’m going to be featuring some celebrities on this post. But this one in particular more for the makeup and hair. Kelly Rowland has truly been put on the radar this year in more ways than one. She is finally beginning to get the recognition she deserves, and we have been WATCHING and taking notes Kelly! Of course it doesn’t hurt that every single day someone tells me I look like her, I don’t see the resemblance but this lady is always absolutely stunning from head to toe. So much, that as of late I have been more and more inspired to recreate some of  Kelly Rowland’s makeup looks on my YouTube channel. Who’s the creative genius behind some of Kelly’s signature looks? Why, makeup artist Sheika Daley of course!


Style Pantry

#2 | Style Pantry
I’m not sure how long I’ve been following Folake Huntoon of StyePantry, but when I discovered her I was so glad that I did. First of all because she’s a woman of color, and it’s nice to see how things look on someone else that looks similar to me. And second because she’s Nigerian, and to me she was the only Nigerian that I knew of at the time that had that large of an internet following which is incredible for anyone, let alone someone from my motherland. Her sense of style is unlike anything else we’ve seen on the internet and it’s quite refreshing seeing someone different from the norm from time to time! Folake is a real life muse and a fashion saavy, intelligent business woman. I love her wide array of choices and I love that she also incorporates printed wear in her wardrobe. And if she doesn’t have the darndest, cutest little family I don’t know who does (from time to time you can catch photos of her children on her instagram)! Folake has been recognized as one of Chictopia’s Influential Bloggers of the Year nominees, she also had the opportunity to broadcast at this year’s Academy Awards and has been recognized by publications such as Essence Magazine Online, the Fashion Bomb Daily and Bella Naija. You will absolutely love her Pinterest boards!


Ciara#1 | Ciara
Ciara at number one AND IN THAT ORDER. Cici, Cici, Cici…why were you giving me everything I needed and much more this year! How did you manage to provide for me the sun, the moon, and the stars??? In all ways: beauty, fashion and hair. We can argue that Ciara triggered the blonde ombre bob this year, I was even inspired by it and took one of my RPG Show Wigs and made it into a bleach blonde ombre bob for my birthday this summer. simply because of her (see another one of my recreations of Ciara’s hairstyles here). Time and time again I found myself ooh-ing and OMG-ing at some of her amazing beauty and style choices. Her makeup is usually clean and simple, which I love. She has the face to pull that off yet still look stunning. Her fashion choices always have some edgy flair. Her body is ridiculous, and her hair always gives us the high fashion us chocolate girls need to be learning from more often. Ciara, I literally love you. I don’t get starstruck and I don’t say that lightly. I don’t know what the heck I’d do if I ever met her or had the opportunity to work with her, or my girl Kelly Rowland, but I see it, envision it, verbalize it and would be ready to embrace it if it ever comes! ! Ciara is poised, always about something positive in the limelight and is extremely talented. I adore how she is constantly posting photos of her and fiance Future and there are pregnancy rumors circling as of late, if they are true I hope she’s as happy as she deserves to be! And shoutout to her makeup artist/best friend Yolonda Frederick. Ciara clearly has an amazing team backing her and this year they have been influencing her better than ever and I am HERE for every single bit of it!!


So there’s my list ladies! My top style and beauty influencers for 2013. I know it’s a bit late but I have carefully and methodically thought this out fully and wanted to insure that I picked the young women who I truly look up to. Each of them bring something unique to the table and I am just blessed to be inspired by them.


I couldn’t bring myself to choose a 10th person, I’m not really sure why but these 9 ladies truly stuck out to me the most. If you had to choose one more for yourself, who would you have chosen? Tell me in the comments down below who YOUR personal style and beauty influencers were this past year!


10 Steps to a Flawless Foundation Routine (with pictures)
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What would you do with your life if you could get your face to look FLAWLESS like your favorite celebrities? What if I told you it’s fairly doable with these simple steps? Follow this tutorial and I’ll show you how to turn your everyday makeup routine into something that looks flawless and camera ready!

flawless makeup

Step 1 | skincare
Yes that means you probably shouldn’t skip your moisturizer today. And for God’s sake stop sleeping with your makeup on! That will catch up to you girl! Good skin = GOOD, flawless makeup.

flawless makeup


Step 2  | Color Correction
Explaining color correction in detail would take more time than the both of us have. But in a nutshell, it’s using the color wheel to cancel out any unwanted discoloration in the skin, whatever color that may be. In this case many women of color like myself suffer from hyperpigmentation and uneven complexion, especially around the jawline/mouth area. Orange is known to cancel out darkness. Only apply corrector to the areas needed. The darker the area, the darker the corrector. I’m using a deep orange around my mouth area since it’s dark and a lighter orange color underneath the eye since I am lighter/brighter in the center of my face.

color correction

color corrector


Step 3 | Foundation
Pick a foundation that has the right amount of coverage for you. I love using the Face Atelier Pro Foundation when I REALLY want to pump it up and look completely flawless, but it doesn’t take a ton of product to achieve this look and more importantly it’s not heavy on the skin at all!

flawless foundation


Step 4 | Conceal
Conceal where needed. The better you color correct, the less concealer you will need. In this case I’m using it under the eyes for a brighter look and down the center of my nose and forehead and this concealer is one shade lighter than my natural complexion. Using a concealer that matches your skin will only make the under area appear darker, thus completely making its use pointless. You might also want to take a concealer that’s your exact face shade and “spot conceal” in other areas of the face where blemishes may still show over the foundation.



Step 5 | Eyebrow Grooming
They say a woman’s brows frame the face and dictate the whole makeup look – this couldn’t be more true!!! Groom and shape the brows to your own liking, but just make sure they look neat and tidy! Otherwise it might take away from the look you’re going for. In this tutorial I am using a pencil brow liner for more precision application and definition.

eyebrow tutorial


Step 6 | Contouring
Contouring, when done properly, is designed to bring out the areas of the face that recede and make them appear more
“sunken in” but in a good way. Your cheekbones for example, here I am using a foundation that is about 3 shades darker than my own. Doing this will help enhance my cheekbones and make them appear more structured. This is not something you need to do every single day, this is why I am including this in my FLAWLESS makeup tutorial, when you need to look a step up from the norm!



Step 7 | Blusher
How else are you going to get that natural youthful glow back into the skin? For tan/dark skin use CORAL or orange, it looks the most natural and is amazing on dark skin. PS: There is absolutely no reason why I used “blusher” instead of just saying blush, I just wanted to sound cool.




Step 8 | Mascara
It’s like a cup of coffee for your eyes, and will instantly brighten and open your eyes giving you a more awaken appearance!

flawless makeup


Step 9 | Flawless Lips
I chose the perfect nude pink lipstick because I didn’t want it to take away from the overall focus, which is the face!



 and last but certainly not least….

Step 10 | SMILE
Because it is, and will always be, a woman’s BEST accessory!

flawless makeup


The products used in this tutorial

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre
Face Ateliet Pro Ultra Foundation in shades Heat and 0+
Viseart Palette Correcteurs Camouflage HD
Youngblood Hi-Def Hydrating Mineral Perfecting Powder in Warmth
MAC Prolongwear Concealer
Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder
Ben Nye Mojave Matte Foundation
Covergirl Queen Collection Bronzer
MAC Brow Pencil in Spiked
Makeup Forever Pro Finish Powder
La Femme Blush in Coral
Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara
MAC Modesty Lipstick
Youngblood Luminous Creme Blush in Champagne Life
All of the products featured in my video can be found on MARKKIT! Your one-stop way to streamline shopping through my videos 
Hope you all found this flawless makeup tutorial fairly easy to follow along and helpful! I tried to break this down as simple as I could. Happy new year to you all and thanks for taking the time to check out the first post of the year!

How to Tint Your Eyebrows at Home!
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The easiest and inexpensive way to do eyebrow tinting at home! There are brow tinting kits that you can purchase specifically for this, but when I saw one at my local beauty supply store for $40, I said hell to the nawl! Get the same results with demipermanent hair color and I’ll show you how!

eyebrow tinting

This method is not meant to be super dramatic if your brows are already dark like mine. It will help fill in any gaps/holes in your brows are make them appear fuller and darker. The same technique can be used for all complexions/hair colors. For instance someone with blonde/very light brows wanting to go dark brown or red, then you would see a dramatic difference.


Here’s what you’ll need

eyebrow tinting

**Note, I used the color 4N demipermanent hair color which is a dark brown depth/level 4.
***You will also need petroleum jelly (not pictured)

If you’ve never used color at home please please PLEASE do a patch test first for allergy! 24 HOURS prior to performing the tint precedure! If you don’t know how to perform a patch test see this video here


Always read the manufacturers instructions! Example, the Wella hair color line demipermant hair color requires a mixing ratio of 1 part color to 2 parts developer. Every brand is different. In this case, I’ll be using the Zotos line of color which requires a mixing ratio of equal parts color and developer.


I mixed about 1/10 of an ounce total and I still had extra leftover.

Create a protective barrier surrounding the eyebrow using petroleum jelly. This will help protect the parts of the brow you don’t want tinted.

eyebrow tinting


Apply the color onto the brows using a cotton swab. Use the color to draw out your desired shape. Also rubbing the cotton into the skin will help get a fuller appearance. Make sure brows are fully saturated. Do not be alarmed by the color change, that is just the product oxidizing.

eyebrow tinting


Remove excess color with the clean side of a cotton swab.

eyebrow tinting

eyebrow tinting

Use the mascara wand at the head of the brow to soften the color for a more realistic look.


This is where the wait happens! For softer brows allow to sit for 15 minutes. 30 minutes if you want it a bit darker.



Color can be removed with a cotton round and shampoo or soap and water. Enjoy your newly tinted eyebrows!

eyebrow tinting

Results are a natural, non-dramatic fuller looking brow. The gaps that were once there are filled and my brows defintiely look darker, thus making them appear fuller.


try to avoid doing this after a brow wax as pores will be open and it might burn a bit.
-works awesome for the light haired/blonde browed ladies!
-lasts 3-4 weeks
-this is a softer approach to brow tinting. Permanent hair dyes, as oppose to demipermanent, are much harsher and last longer.

That’s pretty much it! I hope you all found this helpful. Thanks so much for reading and watching!


Since this is my last tutorial of the year a HAPPY NEW YEAR is definitely in order! May your year be fulled with prosper, love and laughter! xx

New Years Eve Makeup “Naughty or Nice” with JeanFrancoisCD
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Have you been naughty or have you been nice this year? ;-)

new years eve makeup

I’ve partnered with JeanFrancoisCD of YouTube to bring you this soft and angelic new years eve makeup look. Jean was previously doing a Christmas series of makeup looks entitled “Naughty or Nice” and thought it would be fun to carry that over into New Years.

new years ever makeup

So enjoy my version of the “nice” look and be sure to check out Jean’s “naughty” look ;-) 

new years ever makeup

new years ever makeup

new years eve makeup

Here’s what I used to pull off the eye look

Viseart Eyeshadow Palette #1
MAC Mineralized SkinFinish Natural in Dark Deep
NYX Eyeshadow Base in White
Makeup Forever Eyeshadow #92
 NYX Glitter Liner in Silver
MAC Glitter in Reflect Pearl
MAC Glitter in Reflects Transparent Teal
Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara
MAC Chormagraphic Pencil C15/NW25
MAC Cork Lip Pencil
NYX Hippie Chic Lipstick
Youngblood Cosmetics Luminous Creme Blush in Champagne Life
The rest of the face (not shown in the video)
Face Atelier Foundation
MAC ProLongwear Concealer

While you’re here, you HAVE to check out Jean’s naughty look! He is seriously one of my favorite youtubers, he has been consistent with his high quality makeup and content since day one. He’s sweet, and he is talented as hell. It was my pleasure to be able to partner with him and I hope you all enjoy his videos as much as I do (if you don’t already).


So what do you guys think? Would you like me to try to squeeze in another New Years Eve look or are we ready to move onto the next already? Let me know what you think x


I’m off to church now lovies, I hope you’re having an amazing weekend and are off to a fresh start of this week to come! *hugs*

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