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It’s hard as hell to blog about the upcoming fall fashion trends when the weather in LA is THIS freaking amazing. Really? Feel my struggle please! It’s September and only getting hotter here. But I swore up and down to people, yall ain’t hearing me, September is one of the hottest months of the year. It generally is hotter than August, why didn’t anyone believe me when I told them that? I warned yall!

Anywho, my girl Marcilargo of La Bella Couture sent me this ombre dress to feature for the blog, it’s one of my favorites I’ve received from her boutique to date. The color combination is sick, and obviously I’m a fan of ombre so I instantly fell in love!








The Fetish Dress | La Bella Couture 
Teal Patent Leather Pumps | GoJane.com


Now of course I’ve got to run my mouth just for a little bit more! I am so excited and proud to say that I graduate from school this Friday! 10 months of hard work,  dedication and being broke have finally paid off! LOL For those that don’t know, I am in school for cosmetology at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in California. The state of California requires 1600 hours of education in order for you to become a licensed hairdresser. Aside from the fact that I missed the first two weeks of the program while in Kuwait, various sick/work days and time taken off after my BFF passed away I will still be in school until October. But one more month in school will fly by quicker than I know it.

So anywho, instead of a traditional cap and gown ceremony, the graduating class is to put on a fashion show. I can’t quite say what our theme is YET. But let’s just say it’s a topic that’s near and dear to me :) I have been busy like a mad woman lately trying to prepare for  the show. We are responsible for scouting our own models, doing their cut and hair color on our own. Makeup, props, seating, wardrobe, photography, music, and all the other things that go into a fashion show are expected to be provided on our own. All of this while trying to get a head start on studying for the state board exam. People TRULY underestimate just how much work goes into cosmetology. Which is why there are so many discredited artists to date. So much chemistry, PSYCHOLOGY, tricholgy, study of diseases and bacteria, etc. etc. I am not only doing this for myself, but I’m doing this for everyone who said it wasn’t practical, for everyone who said this wasn’t a “real career”, for everyone who doubted me, to disprove stereotypes of what a hairdresser/makeup artist is. Not saying I have a billion things to prove, but for other young women and men who are pursuing this too and are feeling pressure to quit, DON’T! If it’s your passion no matter what anyone says go for it. Don’t think, just DO. Everything will fall into place. I wish I could explain to you how true this is.


I really love talking about life on my blog as oppose to YouTube. YouTube is fun, but I do feel my more serious readers come to my blog. It’s a blessing being able to share my accomplishments, troubles, sometimes fears and heartaches for you guys. I am so happy I’ve finally made it and can’t wait to be able to dedicate more of my time here to my blog. Best of luck to those of you who are starting school this fall, I hope you enjoyed reading :)

Love and blessings xo

Sugarpill ElektroCute Neon Pigments
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sugarpill electro cute


Sugarpill ElektroCute Neon Pigments is the brands newest line of bold/neons colors. Amy, aka Shrinkle, the owner and co-founder of Sugarpill sent me the pigments to review and I’ll be doing just that. But I first actually wanted to swatch these and give my thoughts on what they do and how they work.

Sugarpill ElektroCute

Sugarpill ElektroCute


As you can see the colors live up to their name, they’re definitely neon bright and pigmented. They almost kind of remind me  A LOT of one of my old favorites from Sugarpill “Royal Sugar” Pigment which STAYS out of stock because of how gorgeous it is.


Before I get into the review, I’m going to probably say the things you’ve already heard a lot of other bloggers say about these pigments. A lot of other bloggers are giving the pigments low feedback, which they have every right to. But before I was even aware that other people were already reviewing the line I had already formed my own opinion of my pigments myself and got the 411 from Amy herself.

sugarpill elektrocute

sugarpill elektrocute

swatches shown are of the pigments over NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean

    -they’re very pigmented!
-you get tons of product for what you pay for
-there aren’t a lot of neon pigments out right now, which is quite nice to have in my kit
-they work well when used for the body and/or mixed with lip glosses and nail polishes
Amy actually advised me ahead of time that they aren’t the best for blending and using on the eyes and are better suited when used for the body (IE body painting, creative/fantasy makeup, nail art and bold lips, etc) and since I’m already familiar with the consistency similar to Royal Sugar I kind of already knew what I was getting myself into!


Amy also advised me that the pigments, when worn on the eyes, are best paired with stickier eyeshadows bases, the NYX Jumbo Pencils for example. So put the MAC Paintpots away ladies, they won’t get it with these (trust me, I’ve tried it).


Now here come the…
     -lots of fallout, no matter how you apply it there will be fallout. As with all shadows I usually apply by gently patting NOT sweeping
    – the glitter is short-lived, the moment you start trying to blend the glitter is gone, leaving you with what will just look like neon matte shadow
-tricky to work with and blend multiple colors together


Now here’s the question of the night:

 Can I live with em or without em?

HONESTLY that will all depend on you and what you do with makeup. If you’re just as nuts over the Royal Sugar pigment as I am then I’d say HELL YES because they’re super pigmented, pretty and awesome, BUT proceed with caution and be ready to work with them to get them to look good. Hell, yall did it with that Nicki Minaj lipstick from MAC, you can work this out too LOL. However, if you’re a simple, natural, “Urban Decay Naked Palette is as bold as it gets” type of gal you may want to pass on these.


Thanks Amy for sending me the pigments! Can’t wait to try my hand at these bad boys for a tutorial. Thank you for reading, it’s late and I have class in the morning *yawn* love you guys!


Kelly Rowland Essence Cover MakeupTutorial
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Did you lose your breath when you saw the September Kelly Rowland Essence cover?! I sure as hell did!

Kelly Rowland Essence Cover

Lord Jesus! She looks amazing as ever!


As you guys have seen on my recent videos I’ve been doing looks using the BH Cosmetics California Collection palettes. I had yet to do anything using the San Francisco palette. I saw this cover when the issue first came out (I get the newest issues  on my ipad) and just so happened to crack open that palette a few days later, it had damn near all the colors from her look! It was a sign I had to recreate it fo sho!


Kelly Rowland Essence Cover

Kelly Rowland Essence Cover

Kelly Rowland Essence Cover

Kelly Rowland Essence Cover

Kelly Rowland Essence Cover


For those that haven’t seen the issue yet I thought I’d show you all the other look from the spread. And this one is JUST as magnificent, smh, would you guys like me to recreate this too? (Say yes just so I have an excuse)

I feel like I haven’t blogged in foreeeerrrrr SO I have so much to discuss. First of all I have to say a special, heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who supported me in my fundraiser. If you don’t know which one I’m taking about, see this video for reference. I was honored, appalled and shocked to discover that I not only made my financial goal, BUT I did it in 48 hours thanks to the help of my friends, family and SUBSCRIBERS AND READERS who donated. I don’t think I’ve ever asked for anything this huge since being apart of the YouTube community, it was truly remarkable seeing how many people believed in me and supported me. It’s been a hard few months after losing my friend and to see the support was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. If anyone KNOWS my story, they know my heart is in the right place, and I’d never ever ever ask for something unless I was truly in need of it and exhausted all other options. I had a lot of people step up and say they were disappointed they had not had the chance to donate, so I re-opened the fundraiser and will be giving the remainder of contributions to the Ramirez/Chavez family for the death of Stefanie Ramirez (my best friend) and to help cover the losses they have suffered after losing yet another family member a few weeks later. Click here to access the donation site.

Aaaaaand unless you follow me on instagram you probably haven’t seen my new look – either.

I call it my birthday bob because since my birthday was August 4th I was long overdue I new look, something unlike I’ve ever done ever. I’ve never worn a hair colour this light and I’ve never rocked a look this short that wasn’t my natural hair. The hair was originally from RPGShow, and I cut, coloured and styled it myself. It was inspired by Ciara who I’ve also been obsessing over lately!

Okay so now that I’ve gotten all of that out of the way since I figured you guys might have questions, back to Kelly’s tutorial!

Here’s what I used for the look
BH Cosmetics California Makeup Collection San Francisco Palette
-Use coupon code GAME20 to receive 20% off your purchase :)
IMAN Second to None Foundation
Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream | Dark
Youngblood  Hi-Def Mineral Perfecting Powder | Warmth
MAC Brow Pencil | Spiked
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil | Black Bean
Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder
MAC Studio Finish Concealer | NW40
Maybelline FitMe Concealer
MAC Blush | Format
MAC Lip Pencil | Chestnut
YSL Rouge Volupte Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick | #22 Exquisite Plum
Covergirl Queen Collection Bronzer | Q120
Makeup Forever Pro Finish Powder | Shade 177


I haven’t been this inspired to recreate a celebrity look since the Fantasia Barrino look I did a few months ago. I really hope you guys enjoyed Kelly’s look as much as I did! Be on the lookout for a tutorial from her second look from the spread, and if you decide to get the BH Cosmetics makeup palettes from my HaulerDeals site make SURE you use the coupon code!! GAME20 for 20% off your purchase :) 


Thank you, as always, for being apart of my journey, I hope to continue to inspire and make all of you proud. Stop by again soon :)  

A Truckload of Summer Foundation Routine Tips
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Summer Foundation Routine – This is coming super late but by popular demand – ze ladies aaaalways ask me: JACKIE, how did I get my foundation to last aaaaall daaaaaaay girrrrrrl?! Well, they don’t exactly say it like that, but in some form or another I constantly give tips on getting long wearability out of foundation, or how to control it during hot months, how to keep foundation from magically disappearing throughout the day, etc etc.

So I thought I’d compile this list of my top summer foundation tips. This also includes an updated routine as to how I do my ‘everyday’ look. Everyday is written in quotations but quite frankly I don’t have the time to do this every single day like I used to, I wish I did though!


summer foundation routine

summer foundation routine


summer foundation routine

1. Moisturize
DON’T FOR ONE SECOND think that because you have oily skin you can skip on moisturizer, you can’t! Don’t try it! You’re only hurting yourself in the long run. Wrinkles are real out chea, and I am not down for that. My favorite moisturizer is actually surprisingly extra virgin coconut oil. I get mine from Trador Joes and I use it ALL over my bawdy girl. Like, hair, skin, homemade deodorant, I’ve done it all! It keeps my skin soft and yet is still light-weight on my oily-combination skin.


2. Use a primer
If you want your foundation to LAST how else do you suppose it’s going to do so if it doesn’t have something to adhere to? Moisturize to benefit your skin, prime to benefit your makeup. Keep it light and simple.


3. Milk of Magnesia!
Still one of my all time favorite and strangest tips to date. Don’t know how to works, but dab a bit of Phillips milk of magnesia onto your oily parts for instant mattification of the skin. I PROMISE YOU, it works. Not only that, but it LASTS

4. Wear a light weight foundation, tinted moisturizer or a BB cream
Not only is it good to let your skin breathe during the summer but since daylight isn’t very forgiving you want something that will appear lighter and more natural. I have a ton of personal favorites but lately I go back and forth between the Smashbox BB Cream and the Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer. Between the two the Laura Mercier is definitely my favorite. So much that I’ve been wearing it as my night time/going out  foundation too! 


5. SPF!
Or do like I do and get a two-in-one product like the two BB creams I just mentioned above. You NEED to protect your skin during the summer ladies!


6. Powders
From setting to finishing, you should be doing both! It instantly blots out any of the shine the foundation may have caused and will not only give you an extra layer of coverage but will help the foundation last longer. I like using the Ben Nye Banana Visage Powder and the Makeup Forever Pro Finish Powder.


This isn’t foundation related but it is related to summer foundation at all but I just think we should take advantage of these warm summer months to pull out our brighter lip colors to compliment our gorgeous brown skin and tans in the summer. And ladies if you’re not tanning you don’t have to be afraid of color! Coral, fuchsia, bright pinks and purples yaaaaaay!


Do any of you have any summer foundation tips that you’re loving right now or just want to share? Let’s chat!

Thanks for reading. xoxo

Kaftan Outfit of the Day
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Shoutout to my abaya and kaftan rockers out there, I really could wear these things every day! It makes me reminisce about my Kuwait days. Oh the middle east, how I miss you so.

Kaftans are the new maxi dresses! Need one in every single color and design asap!








I’ll take a kaftan or an abaya over a bodycon dress anyday! Even though I think I rock the hell out of both :-P


It was blazing HOT today and I spent the day in Orange County and the Inland Empire. It quickly became evident to me that living in Los Angeles and near the beaches has me spoiled because I was toasted all day! And although I have the body and am confident in scantily clad attire from time to time, there’s something so sexy about being decked out from head to toe in a beautiful gown that’s not the least bit revealing.


I found this gown at a gift shop while vacationing in Dubai. The shoes are from Bakers. It’s completely see through so I wore a black camisole strappy tank with black liquid leggings. There are tons of great places on Ebay that sell super cute kaftans like this one! (I’ve done searches on them)


Yesterday, July 28th, marked exactly one month since my friend lost her life. But I still remember word for word exactly how I found out and where I was like it was yesterday. Lately I have been in between two churches: one here in Los Angeles, and another about 50 miles away in the Orange County area. I have been attending the local church lately but something in my heart was telling me to go to Saddleback in Orange County yesterday as it was Pastor Rick’s very first time back at the church since the passing of his son and I really really wanted to see him speak. His son was mentally ill and committed suicide in April of this year. The day’s sermon turned out to be THE STAGES OF GRIEVING, healing, and how they have still found HOPE and JOY despite what they’ve been going through after losing their son. I am so glad I made the drive!!!!! I needed to be there more than anywhere yesterday. The church was jam packed and not a single person had a dry eye today. Crazy how God puts you in the right places with the right people. No such thing as coincidence.


Thank you all for your time and for allowing me to share bits and pieces of my life with you all <3


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