Buttercup Setting Powder VS. Banana Powder
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Review time! Which will win this toss-up: The new Buttercup Setting Powder from Sacha Cosmetics or the Ben Nye Banana Powder? I am going to give my thoughts and opinions, but you be the judge!

Sacha Cosmetics Kamaflage Buttercup

For those that haven’t heard of buttercup yet, it is Sacha Cosmetics newest setting powder from their Kamaflage line. All of theit Kamaflage products tend to have medium-full coverage, and when I heard what people were saying about the Buttercup powder of course I had to try it.

All of the ladies who went to my meet and greet last month were gifted one of these from Sacha and I have yet to hear any of the ladies give any negative feedback about this powder.

Buttercup Setting Powder Vs. Ben Nye Banana Powder

Immediate thoughts when using:
This powder is SUPER soft and fine milled. It feels velvetty. Melts into the skin. The Ben Nye Banana Powder is a beautiful powder but is on the chalkier side. I think we also have to remind ourselves that Ben Nye is STAGE makeup. The Buttercup powder may be more suitable for the everyday makeup wearer, someone who may not be as skilled at blending as a professional.

The blendability of this product alone will make you want to replace your other setting powders in general, not just the Ben Nye.

In regards to the final product, they both look about the same. However, as I noted earlier because the banana powder is a bit on the chalkier it has the tendency to read ashier and cakey when not blended properly.

How do they compare price-wise? 3 ounces of the banana powder will run you about $20 depending on where you purchase (without a discount) and 2.3 ounces of the Buttercup is $15.00 (but if you use my coupon code MYBUTTERCUP save 10% off)

Overall I truly believe Buttercup is more user friendly and has a softer touch, and you won’t have to worry about throwing elbows to try to purchase this one at the makeup trade shows.

Buttercup Setting Powder

Can Buttercup just be our best kept secret? ;-) Hahaha no I wish, but seriously guys this powder is phenomenal and is definitely a must-try!


Hope you all love it as much as I do! Don’t forget to use my coupon code MYBUTTERCUP to save 10% off your purchase on the Sacha website!


Have you seen the Buttercup review from my girl Ebony of Colouredbeautiful? Be sure to check that out to while you’re at it!


Have an amazing weekend ladies, until the next blog post!

Joining Hairfinity + Giveaway!
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If you haven’t yet heard of hairfinity you’re currently living under a rock! So for those that don’t know…what IS Hairfinity? It’s one of the most well-known hair growth supplements for overall haircare and hair health and I am the newest member of the Hairfinity family! I will be documenting my journey and giving you all a monthly play by play of my results I will also be giving away a 3 month supply to one of my YouTube subscribers!


A little bit about my background and why I started taking this product – I have been taking hair vitamins off and on since 2009. Vitamins and supplements are very important because they are supposed to put into your body whatever you lack from your diet. I have maintained an intake of both biotin and later I added folic acid to my routine because I researched them to be very good for hair health which turned out to actually be true.

My hair in May 2013

natural hair

Natural Hair Flat Iron

Natural hair flat ironed


My hair is on the finer side, as most other black/African women. I just have a ton of it. My hair is very tightly coiled and never really gets past my shoulders in length because once it gets to that awkward length (not quite a teeny weeny fro, but not quite a bob either) I typically get scissor happy and just chop it again. For the first time in my whole life I am allowing my hair to grow out of that in-between stage. Lord does it take some PATIENCE!

This is my hair October of 2013.natural hair



natural hair blachedIMG_7357-1024x625




In the past year and a half I have cut my hair (not just trimmed, but cut and/or added shape) about three times. I always keep face framing layers because of my slim, narrow face shape. Hair longer than my chin just does not flatter me. I also love layering my hair because it adds a bit more volume is more flattering for curls. My goals with my hair are basically to allow it to sit on my shoulders but in its natural state. It will obviously take some time since my hair looks a lot shorter than it actually is when curled.

Here’s my natural hair in May

natural hair

natural hair

Now here’s my freshest press! June 2014

natural hair flat ironed

silk press



Natural hair is so much fun! Let me tell you that. So for those that do often ask, my hair is bleached. I have done a blog post with FAQ about how I care for my bleached hair if you guys have any questions about it. It’s quite lengthy but informative!


As far as my hair goals are my goal is to always have healthy hair first. As for my length goal, I’d like it to sit on my shoulders while it’s in its natural state.


So where does Hairfinity come into place with all this and what are my thoughts of it so far?! So far I can definitely see some improvements and differences, here is mainly why. Because I have been taking hair, skin, and nail supplements for so long I think I have a pretty well-rounded view of what my body responds to. As I stated before biotin and folic acid together seem to be a pretty good combination for me and I love that Hairfinity contains both of them. It also contains so very helpful components that I’ve researched to be amazing for the hair that I never got around to trying (MSM, B12, etc).


The dosage is two a day and in that you get 5,000mcg of Biotin daily. So far no adverse side effects (this is my 3rd week on it) and what strikes me as interesting is normally when I take 5,000mcg of biotin my skin goes haywire, but with these my skin is doing just fine. Of course I drink 3 liters of water but I do that anyway because it’s good for you.

I got my hair pressed one week and then went back for a shampoo the following week and my stylist said the hair on the nape of my neck (which is somewhat of my problem area) has grown. I hadn’t really noticed it but he pointed it out to me and said my hair definitely grew. I was like *shrug* okay!

I typically only put heat on my hair 2-3 times a year and no more than that. So at the end of my 6 month journey I will be flat ironing my hair again to show you an update on what my hair looks like. I’m excited about this because I’ve yet to really document any of my hair chronicles since going natural, I just kind of did it and winged it ever since. This way we can journey through it together. I’m excited!


Here is my initial thoughts video and I explain how you can win your own 3 month supply of Hairfinity. Good luck ladies (and gents, if you’re out there)!

Have an awesome week everyone! Please leave any questions you may have or thoughts down below

Maju Live Midi Skirt Outfit of the Day
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Happy Sunday yall! Just wanted to give a quick peek at today’s outfit choice! Enjoyed a wonderful service (per usual) at One Church LA. And I am really enjoying how summer is settling in quite nicely!

Maju Live Midi Skirt

Midi Skirt

Midi Skirt Maju LiveMidi skirt Maju Live

Midi Skirt


And welcome the newest member of my shopmarkkit my black speedy handbag. I am a sucker for a cute speedy!

Speedy Handbag

Black Tank | Forever 21
Mykonos Necklace | ShopMarkkit
Midi Skirt | Maju Live
Stilettos | Madeline Girl


In other news, since my last post I spoke briefly about my meet and greet here in Los Angeles which turned out to be overwhelmingly successful. I received tons of feedback that you ladies want me to do it again and it’s something I am definitely going to consider! I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone that came and shared hugs and success stories. Who would have thought this girl who was bored living in Hawaii and turned on her camera one day would actually have an impact on people.

I just wanted to say if you’re here reading this post, thank you. If you’ve ever watched a video of mine, thank you. Just for being you, thank you. You guys have no idea the amount of love and support I receive from all of you. I am the luckiest gal in the world!


I hope the fashion God’s grant you a glorious week ahead ladies and gents. Toodles!





Bralette and Wide Leg Pants Outfit of the Day
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Hey beauties! Posting this blog while up in the air, thank goodness for in-flight wifi :) Just wanted to post details for yesterdays outfit because quite frankly the Texas heat and humidity (which I LOVE by the way) was just too good not to go out and enjoy in something skimpy.


Wide Leg PantsHigh Waist PantsWide Leg PantsFloral BraletteFloral Print

Wide Leg Pants

Floral Bralette  ShopMarkkit
Wide Leg Pants | Lulumarie
Stilettos | Madeline

Thank you so much for all of the beautiful and fun ladies who came out to my mini Texas meet and greet Tuesday evening. Since most of my viewers are in Texas I felt it was only right to connect with some of you while I can. I can’t wait to come back! I had a blast getting to know and hug each and every one of you ladies!

houston texas lilpumpkinpie05

Love you all, hope you’re having a pleasant week! Until next time xoxo

Leopard Print Maxi Dress Outfit of the Day in Houston
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I know I know, I really have been neglectful of blogging lately. Don’t kill me yall. I really had to take a break from video editing (notice the fewer uploads lately) because of carpal tunnel. Editing for 4-6 hours at a time multiple times a week takes its toll on you physically!

Anyhow, I’m in Houston for the week. Turn up! Who’s ready for a meetup?

Spent my father’s day at Chelsea’s Grill in this comfy leopard print maxi dress I snagged from the Santee Alley at downtown Los Angeles. The brand is Va Va Voom. Of course I brought her with me to Houston. She’s cute, right? The handbag is from Steve Madden.


leopard print maxi dressleopard print
leopard print maxi dress


I hope you all had a fabulous Father’s Day and a splendid week thus far!

In the comments section below let me know if you’re in the Houston area and would like to have a meetup, possibly tonight!

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