Maju Live Midi Skirt Outfit of the Day
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Happy Sunday yall! Just wanted to give a quick peek at today’s outfit choice! Enjoyed a wonderful service (per usual) at One Church LA. And I am really enjoying how summer is settling in quite nicely!

Maju Live Midi Skirt

Midi Skirt

Midi Skirt Maju LiveMidi skirt Maju Live

Midi Skirt


And welcome the newest member of my shopmarkkit my black speedy handbag. I am a sucker for a cute speedy!

Speedy Handbag

Black Tank | Forever 21
Mykonos Necklace | ShopMarkkit
Midi Skirt | Maju Live
Stilettos | Madeline Girl


In other news, since my last post I spoke briefly about my meet and greet here in Los Angeles which turned out to be overwhelmingly successful. I received tons of feedback that you ladies want me to do it again and it’s something I am definitely going to consider! I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone that came and shared hugs and success stories. Who would have thought this girl who was bored living in Hawaii and turned on her camera one day would actually have an impact on people.

I just wanted to say if you’re here reading this post, thank you. If you’ve ever watched a video of mine, thank you. Just for being you, thank you. You guys have no idea the amount of love and support I receive from all of you. I am the luckiest gal in the world!


I hope the fashion God’s grant you a glorious week ahead ladies and gents. Toodles!





Neon & Neutrals OOTD
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Why have a I been so OOTD obsessed lately? Who cares! It’s fall! Time for a wardrobe change!

Finally found my favorite way to wear these neon slacks I got from H&M. Only problem is they fit a little big since I’ve lost some weight. Still cute though!

And the floppy hat makes yet another guest appearance :)


Neon Green Slacks (they photograph yellow but are actually like a neon pear) | H&M
Floppy Hat | Forever 21
Camel Blazer | Bershka
High Low Button up Top | H&M
Slingback Sandals | Bakers

Belted Shirtdress Outfit of the Day
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I took this really cute mustard yellow oversized shirt/dress and styled it three different ways to flatter my body type ^_^

Belted Shirtdress | Forever 21
Floppy Hat | Forever 21
Jewelry | Forever 21
Lipstick | Cyber from MAC Cosmetics
Lita’s | Gojane.com
Jeans | Bershka

See the entire look from head to toe here

Love you guysss!

Neon Outfit of the Day
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I’m NEVER going to stop wearing neons!!!
NEVER! Bwahahahaha!


No but seriously, you guys definitely know I’ll dabble with the bold and the bright and this outfit clearly shows that!

The body con dress is from H&M and I find it quite ironic that they call them “body con”, because they are not for the body conscious whatsoever!

The jewelry (which you’ve seen me wear a lot) is from Forever 21

The navy blazer is from Bershka, and pretty soon in this desert heat it’s going to be too HOT to be wearing it! I just think this tones down the flashiness of the short dress, it’s all about balance right? Sexy and classy.

The fabulous handbag which is my new obsession this month is also from H&M

The the nude pumps, Steve Madden, hey now!



So while we’re talking about color, what your fave way to wear neons? I seriously have no limits with these colors!


BERSHKA Outfit of the Day!
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I can’t get ENOUGH of this store!

Bershka has great clothing that’s in my budget, the thing that sucks about living in another country is they will take the US price, and just slap their OWN currency on it. Example: a bra from Victoria Secret that costs $35 US Dollars will cost 35KWD (Kuwaiti Dinair) here in Kuwait. Weeeeeeeell ONE US Dollar is only 0.279950 KWD!!! Which means I’m damn near paying almost 3 times as much! NO MA’AM!

So I’m always on the hunt for stores that have great prices, and when I say prices I mean comparable to the Forever 21’s we have in the states. Bershka does that for me and so much more. Plus they give in to my obsession with color. You’ll see me wearing a lot from this store :)

Both the blouse and the skinnies are from Bershka.
The clutch was on SALE at River Island (love that place)
The jewelry is from Forever 21
and the shoes are from GoJane.com <----ladies on a budget and looking for hot trendy shoes, you NEED to be on GoJane!

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